Lara Logan Makes Her First Post-Suspension Appearance On CBS News

Lara Logan Has Officially Returned To The CBS Airwaves

Lara Logan made her first appearance on CBS News on Sunday since her return to the network after a lengthy suspension.

CBS announced earlier in June that Logan's leave of absence—which began in late November of last year after her disastrously flawed reporting on the Benghazi attacks for "60 Minutes"—had ended, but it didn't specify when she would be back on the air, or whether she would be allowed to cover the kinds of military and national security topics that had gotten her into so much trouble.

The answers to those questions appear to have been "soon" and "yes," because Logan turned up on Sunday's "Face the Nation" to talk about ISIS, the militant group fueling the crisis in Iraq, with host Bob Schieffer.

Schieffer gave Logan a warm introduction, saying, "Perhaps nobody at CBS News has spent more time in Iraq over the years since the first Gulf War than CBS News correspondent Lara Logan." At the end of the segment, he said, "Lara, thank you so much. It's always good to have you."

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