Laura Ingraham's Joe Biden Grand Canyon Conspiracy Goes Off The Deep End

The Fox News host's attempt to tie the president's protection of land to a sinister plot is "full Alex Jones," one outlet said.

Laura Ingraham suggested Wednesday that President Joe Biden declared a national monument in the greater Grand Canyon so the price of uranium would remain high, ultimately benefiting uranium exporter Kazakhstan. (Watch the video below.)

The Daily Beast said the Fox News host was going “full Alex Jones” in her “outlandish conspiracy theory.”

Biden on Tuesday signed a national monument designation to protect Native lands north and south of Grand Canyon National Park, saying it was “good for the planet.”

Part of the measure’s intent is to block uranium mining there. But Ingraham mined a sinister plot out of the on-brand move for the environmentally conscious Biden administration.

“As long as Joe Biden is in power, a cloud of corruption hangs over this White House,” she said, referring to Republicans’ unsuccessful efforts to link the president to Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings.

“Take his announcement yesterday, brazenly crippling America’s uranium mining capacity by making 1 million acres permanently off-limits for any type of mining,” she said.

Noting that Biden called the area a “treasure,” she said: “He has a lot of treasures he wants to protect. But it’s just more green smoke because uranium, that’s obviously found in this million acres, is vital not just for nuclear power plants, but for our weapons systems.

“And what country — when you think about how this is all being cordoned off, can’t do any mining here — is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Joe’s courageous decision? None other than Kazakhstan, home of one of Biden’s preferred oligarchs and one of his son’s sugar daddies. It’s now guaranteed to remain the dominant supplier of uranium to the United States with its 35% share,” she continued.

Ingraham wriggled out of making it a direct accusation by adding, “Well, it all could really make perfect sense, couldn’t it? One of the most crooked families in American politics is responsible for making America permanently dependent on one of the most crooked countries on the face of the planet.”

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