Under-$100 Lawn Chairs That Aren't Eyesores

Folding chairs, camping chairs and director-style outdoor chairs you'll want to snag for yourself.
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There’s nothing like spending the long, hot summer outdoors with a chilled beverage and a comfortable seat. If you’re tired of your worn-in lawn chair with broken legs and scratchy armrests, it’s probably time to spruce up your summer seat.

Up your game this summer at soccer practice, barbecues, outdoor concerts or camping trips with these folding lawn and outdoor chairs that are all super stylish — and clock in under $100.

Unlike permanent patio furniture or flimsy beach chairs, the lawn chairs below are sturdy and foldable, easy to store in a garage, closet or trunk. Keep one in your car all summer and never get stuck standing again when you’re trying to catch some sun.

To help you find your perfect seat, we rounded up a selection of different styles, colors and prices. We’ve noted the weight capacity when listed and extra special features, like food trays and sun canopies.

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A folding padded bucket chair
Want to take your favorite bucket chair with you everywhere you go? We've got good news. Reviewers say this super cozy padded bucket chair is supremely comfortable, even in the middle of the woods. It holds up to 300 pounds, comes in three colors and has a carrying case for easy travel.
A vintage-inspired lawn chair that's made in the USA
Embrace your own '70s summer with this vintage-inspired lawn chair that's made in the USA. It folds flat for easy storage and is made with UV-, mold- and mildew-resistant webbing.
A sleek, minimalist chair with an Eames vibe
Mid-century modern lovers will swoon for this minimal low-seated camp chair. It holds up to 250 pounds and has a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It folds in on itself, so you can stick it in a crowded trunk, and it's super sleek shape means it's photo-op ready.
A floral chair with a pop-up tray and cup holder
A chair you'll want in your "Camping!" Instagram post, this floral folding seat will take center stage at any fire pit. It's a director-style chair that folds vertically, with a collapsible tray and sectioned pockets to keep all your gear organized. It comes in this floral and a tan palm-tree print.
A reclining padded camping chair
If you love to lay back in a good, solid armchair, this is the seat for you. Padded, reclining and capable of holding up to 300 pounds, this modern camp chair will add comfort and style to any occasion. It comes in five colors with a carry case for extra ease.
A wide-set chair that holds up to 600 pounds
Finally! A good-looking, foldable camping chair that won't dig into your hips or break while you're sitting in it. This Ozark Trail director-style camping chair is wider and more durable than typical outdoor seats, holding up to 600 pounds. It has a collapsible tray with a cup holder and comes in three colors.
A printed folding chair with classic carrying bag
For a vibrant take on a basic lawn chair, this folding, packable seat from Eddie Bauer is the ticket. It's a lower seat that holds up to 225 pounds, and comes in three bright prints. It folds into the carry case so you can easily take it with you to the park.
An REI Co-op & West Elm colab outdoor rope chair
Last summer's collaboration between REI and West Elm brought us achingly tasteful-yet-affordable outdoor products, like this climbing-inspired rope chair that holds up to 250 pounds. Class up your camping trip with this easy-fold chair that comes in yellow and green.
A portable shaded lawn chair
Sit back and relax without getting sunburned. This folding chair has an attached adjustable canopy that can keep you protected from the sun. It holds up to 225 pounds and comes with a carrying case for easy transport.
A vibrant lawn chair that folds into a backpack
Beaches, mountains, backyards and outdoor concerts — this chair can go anywhere. With backpack straps, a cup holder, adjustable pillow, zippered section for smaller items and a reclining feature, this chair is super packable and portable. It comes in seven prints and holds up to 250 pounds.
A super lightweight chair that holds 300 pounds
What weighs two pounds and brings instant comfort to a garden party? This Flexlite plant-printed chair from REI. It's made for camping and outdoor use and easily folds into a super packable pouch. This "boss" model is a littler wider and more durable than REI's classic Flexlite seats, so it holds up to 300 pounds and gives your hips a little more room.
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