Colorado Brewery On Banks Of Flooding St. Vrain River Survives With Help Of Malt Bags

Colorado's devastating flood has resulted in the destruction or serious damage of nearly 20,000 structures, but one brewery right on the banks of one of the state's overflowing rivers survived with a little help from some malt.

The St. Vrain River, normally one to two feet deep, spilled way over its banks for days during the catastrophic flooding in Colorado and caused extensive damage to area communities in the North. And although it sustained some damage, Longmont-based Left Hand Brewing Co. made it through by using malt bags, instead of sand bags, to shore up the brewery as the mighty St. Vrain roared just feet from its doorstep.

Left Hand posted this photo of the "maltbagging" on their Facebook page:

"The past few days have been rough," brewery spokeswoman Emily Armstrong told Westword. "All in all, looks like we've been extremely lucky given the endless possibilities."

The brewery staff posted this photo showing the close proximity of the St. Vrain to Left Hand, illustrating Armstrong's point:

But on Tuesday, after days of flooding, the brewery proudly announced on Facebook that their tasting room would open again with a special offer for government employees who have helped with the flood relief efforts:

Colorado's Historic Flooding