Lena Dunham Debuts A Drastic New Haircut With The Best Caption Ever

Spot on.

Lena Dunham has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t give a hoot what anyone think about her appearance, but we’re hoping we can still swoon over her new super-short haircut.

On Monday, Dunham debuted a short and spiky crop, which she described in an accompanying Instagram caption as “Your mom’s therapist friend she leaves your dad for.”

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Lenny Letter’s co-head honcho also revealed that her short ponytail “didn’t make it to Locks of Love” length, but urged followers with hair longer than 10 inches to donate.

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The look appears to be even shorter than the pixie she rocked back in 2015, and marks yet another chapter in her extensive hair evolution over the years. But we have to admit, we’re feeling this one.

After all, as pictured above, there’s no better way to show off a statement earring, and it’s a pretty chic way to stay cool all summer long.