This Lesbian Bridal Magazine Is Your New Go-To For Wedding Inspo

"Dancing With Her is a wedding magazine that celebrates women in love."

It’s been just over two years since gay marriage was legalized nationwide in the United States. With that landmark Supreme Court decision came an uptick in the number of same-sex weddings, but resources designed for the couples planning those weddings haven’t grown quite as quickly.

Dancing With Her is a new lesbian bridal magazine launched to fill a void its creators experienced during their own wedding planning. Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell told HuffPost they were “left feeling unrepresented” when they looked around for wedding inspiration, so they created something just for women planning weddings to other women.

The DWH website includes the couple’s favorite vendors both in the U.S. and Australia, where the venture is based, and a “Real Stories” section with accounts and photos of weddings and engagements.

Then there’s the magazine itself, a limited-edition print version of more than 100 pages that will set readers back around $35 with international shipping.

“Dancing With Her is a wedding magazine that celebrates women in love,” its website reads. “It also offers an online space where women can be inspired with real stories of love and weddings, a journal to get you on the right track in your wedding planning journey and a directory of our favorite vendors across Australia and the U.S.A.”

The publication has been hailed as the “first lesbian bridal magazine” by a number of media outlets. While the pool is quite small, it does join a few other outlets intended for same-sex couples. New York-based H&H Weddings provides resources and inspiration for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples. Equally Wed bills itself the “world’s leading wedding and honeymoon magazine and digital resource for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied couples.”

Baker told HuffPost that “Dancing With Her” is unlike any bridal magazine seen before.

“Dancing With Her isn’t just another wedding magazine,” she said. “Sure, it is stories of love and celebration, but it’s diverse and it’s something that LGBTQ+ women can relate to. It breaks the heteronormative stereotypes that are so prevalent in media across the world. Sure, we might not have marriage equality in Australia or many other countries around the world just yet, but couples of all sexualities are rightly choosing to celebrate their love in the way of a wedding, and that deserves to be celebrated and represented.”

Oh, and did we mention Dancing With Hers’ content is stunning? Its dreamy Instagram feed is basically the only wedding inspiration you’d ever need.

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