YouTube Star Lilly Singh, AKA Superwoman, Comes Out As Bisexual

The YouTuber said she's "fully embracing" her superpowers.

Lilly Singh shared some personal news via Twitter on Sunday, and her fans have only shown her support.

The YouTube star, known as “Superwoman,” revealed that she is bisexual.

In the tweet, Singh checked off the boxes “female,” “colored” and “bisexual,” saying that though these traits have “proven to be obstacles from time to time,” she is now “fully embracing them as superpowers.”

Fans and fellow YouTubers alike met Singh’s revelation with praise.

Many South Asians have expressed that Singh’s coming out is deeply significant for their community. Writer Afshan D’souza-Lodhi told BBC Newsbeat that “in the South Asian community there’s a hesitancy for women to take ownership of their sexuality in the way Lilly has done.”

“My parents have seen Superwoman videos. I’ve made them sit and watch them,” D’souza-Lodhi said. “They’ve laughed and found it really funny. The videos get shared on Facebook so they have access to that, so for her to come out and to normalise bisexuality in the way she has, allows our parents to have that discussion.”

As many point out, Singh’s representation of the LGBTQ community speaks volumes.

Singh tweeted her appreciation for all the love.

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