Pedestrian Safety Mannequins In The Loop: Will They Make A Difference? (PHOTOS)


The Chicago Department of Transportation launched a citywide awareness campaign by installing 32 mannequins along Wacker Dr., each representing one of the 32 pedestrians killed in Chicago crashes in 2010.

Organized in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Chicago Police Department and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who funded the installations, the campaign will also feature awareness messages in ad spaces throughout the city, stenciling pedestrian safety messages on sidewalks in high traffic areas and direct outreach to schools, senior facilities and taxicab drivers, according to a news release.

“Pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the public way,” said CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein, according to the release. “This campaign is specifically designed to change the behaviors that lead to pedestrian crashes.”

There were nearly 3,000 crashes involving pedestrians in 2010, although pedestrian injuries and fatalities in Chicago have declined over the past several years, CDOT reports. The campaign is based on a recent Pedestrian Crash Analysis conducted by CDOT that is being used to develop the Chicago Pedestrian Plan, and identified key problem areas addressed by this promotional campaign.

Do you think these mannequins and other measures will make Chicago pedestrians walk smarter? Tell us in the comments.

See the mannequins installed on Wacker. Will they make a difference?

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Pedestrian Safety Mannequins

Mannequins On Wacker Drive To Promote Pedestrian Safety

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