Topshop has responded to one woman's concerns by promising to cease orders of a certain mannequin for store displays. Laura
After an arduous winter, New Yorkers are dancing-in-the-streets; colorfully clad, out-&-about, popping into social, cultural and charitable events.
Everyone has a natural body type. Yet the paradox of society is inescapable: Don't be too skinny, but don't be too large either. Talking with my friend that day reminded me that people's eyes are on you either way, although you've done nothing to deserve their admiration or distaste.
Tilly is my fourth mannequin. My house is getting full. So stop asking me if I'm going to have another kid. We're totally at capacity over here with our only child, two dogs, four fake people and all the roly-polies my daughter sticks in her pockets.
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A clothing retailer from Sweden got a virtual round of applause from Facebook users this week after a photograph featuring
Have you ever wondered why mannequins rarely have faces? We're starting to think it's because the world would just be too