Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Kid Co-Star Didn't Know Who Zack Morris Is

Saniyya Sidney told her “The Passage” co-star, who rose to fame on “Saved by the Bell,” that she only knows one "Zac" — Efron.

A former child star is relaying his wisdom to the next generation.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, 44, rose to fame in the ’90s when he played trickster Zack Morris on “Saved by the Bell.”

He was promoting his new project, “The Passage,” on Thursday during the summer Television Critics Association press tour when his 11-year-old co-star Saniyya Sidney was asked if she had ever watched Gosselaar’s popular teen sitcom.

“There’s only one Zac that I know,” Sidney said in response — reportedly Zac Efron, according to USA Today

“I’m actually watching ‘Saved by the Bell’ right now,” she said, per The Wrap.

And Gosselaar is giving her tons of advice, because, as he jokingly put it to reporters at the event, “I wasn’t a child performer … I was a child star.”

His biggest piece of advice to Sidney was simple: “Just be a kid, and have fun, and enjoy your work.”

“We’re like Thelma and Louise. ... When I act and I’m with him it feels wonderful, being able to play a girl that really needs someone,” the actress said, according to USA Today. “Whatever [my character] Amy is going through, I’m going through. So I need Mark-Paul, always.”

Saniyya and Gosselaar attend “The Passage” press line during Comic-Con International 2018 in San Diego.
Saniyya and Gosselaar attend “The Passage” press line during Comic-Con International 2018 in San Diego.

The “Thelma and Louise” reference (which oddly enough, is a pop culture nod about as old as “Saved by the Bell”) actually makes a whole lot of sense in regards to “The Passage.”

The post-apocalyptic drama series, which will air on Fox, is based on Justin Cronin’s best-selling fantasy book trilogy. It follows scientists trying to use vampire-like creatures to cure disease and stop a global pandemic. Gosselaar plays Brad Wolgast, a government agent, who is tasked with finding a child on whom they can carry out dangerous experiments. But when he meets Amy (Sidney) he has a change of heart and the two go on the lam.

You can watch the trailer below.