Matthews To Health Care Reform Opponent: What You're Talking About Doesn't Exist

Chris Matthews interviewed Tim Phillips, the president of Americans for Prosperity, Thursday about health care reform.

At the center of their discussion was disturbing footage from an Ohio protest that showed opponents of the health care overhaul legislation shouting down a health care supporter, a man with Parkinson's Disease sitting before them.

One of the screaming men wore a pin for Americans for Prosperity. Phillips condemned the angry protester, but said that because of "the government takeover" he could imagine why the man was so angry.

Phillips told Matthews that the man with Parkinson's should join his group and fight health care reform. Matthews scoffed at the claim

MATTHEWS: Do you think that guy's got good health care right now. Do you think he's got health? He's sitting in the street.

PHILLLIPS: I tell you what, I think it's going to be worse under the federal government. We're going to have a bureaucrat deciding that he's not worth saving, potentially.

MATTHEWS: OK, he is as valuable to our society as any one of those guys yelling at him

PHILLLIPS: No one's arguing that point here, Chris.

MATTHEWS: What do you recommend he do?

PHILLLIPS: I recommend that he not support legislation where bureaucrats in this government may be deciding whether or not to cover his sickness. Because they're gonna be deciding that. The section in the Senate law 2713 does just that. It establishes boards that says OK, we think this sickness and this sickness is worth covering, well, you know what, that one's not and we're not going to cover it.

MATTHEWS: Here's my problem. The thirty million people that are going to get health care subsidized under this bill. Right now, have relied on a private sector program that doesn't exist. They don't get health care now. So whatever you're talking about doesn't exist. There is no health care for the thirty million people who will benefit from this program of the president.

PHILLLIPS: And we're going to destroy the best health care system for the other people.

MATTHEWS: But those thirty million people of which that gentleman on the ground represents. Those thirty million people have nothing.


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