Rupert Murdoch And Friends Have Fun In The Sun Valley (PHOTOS)

Oh hi, Rupert!

rupert murdoch

Yes, that cheerful puppy is actually one of the world's biggest media moguls. Rupert Murdoch took once again to the pleasant confines of the annual Sun Valley conference, where very rich people meet up to discuss things and make deals.

Murdoch, who has recently split from his wife and been the target of a new police investigation in England, seemed to have not a care in the world as he gamboled along with sons Lachlan and James in tow. Clutching a copy of his own Wall Street Journal, Murdoch was dressed in a somewhat restrained style — a far cry from the odd triangles-and-shorts combinations, or the jaunty umbrella accessories, that he has used in the past.

Murdoch and his sons were not the only media bigwigs in attendance. Barry Diller was there with glamorous wife Diane Von Furstenberg, of course. CNN's Erin Burnett showed off her summertime khaki wardrobe. Tom Brokaw brought along a bicycle! And Charlie Rose, well, he showed up too.

charlie rose

Sun Valley Style