People Say Melania Trump’s Speech Against 'Hate’ Should Come With A Laugh Track

"How does she say this with a straight face?" asked "Star Trek" actor George Takei.

The irony was too much for many people on Twitter after first lady Melania Trump accused the media of spreading “hate” during a campaign speech for President Donald Trump in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday.

“In a time when hate, negativity and fear are the messages the media streams into our homes and the large tech companies are protecting political censorship, we need to remember what is really important,” the first lady told the mostly maskless crowd packed into a stadium.

“My husband’s administration is focused on the future, the health and safety of the American people, the education and wellbeing of our children,” she added.

Check out the video here:

Critics reminded the first lady of her husband’s propagation of hate in his comments and tweets.

They also asked exactly how the Trump administration is ensuring the health and safety of Americans, given its botched handling of the coronavirus pandemic that has now killed more than 223,000 people.

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