Gorgeous Meteor Shower Photos Transform Night Sky Into Real Life 'Starry Night'

Gorgeous Meteor Shower Transforms Night Sky Into Real Life 'Starry Night'

We really wish Vincent van Gogh would have been able to witness the wonder that is time-lapse photography, a technique that captures the dizzying effects of condensed time. Aside from it being painfully beautiful, time-lapse reveals that the eccentric Post-Impressionist was right about his singular method of seeing all along.

Just look at this gorgeous time-lapse video of a meteor shower by Thomas O'Brien, transforming the brilliant cosmos into a vibrant, swirling canvas dear Vincent could have called his own.

The Creators Project posted this tribute to the glittering night sky, which took no less than seven years to create. O'Brien, an Aspen-based photographer, stumbled upon the featured photos, capturing meteor showers known as the Geminids, the Perseids and the Leonids when cleaning out his studio. Shot with a Canon 5DM3 and processed using LRTimelapse, the short video somehow manages to capture the tranquility and velocity of the sky all at once.

Despite knowing the moving sky above was photographed and processed, we can't help but think someone took a paintbrush to that thing. Watch the blanket of stars sparkle and shine in the video above -- in full screen, obviously -- and let us know if you're having "Starry Night" flashbacks in the comments.

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