Mets vs. Yankees: HuffPost Editors Michael Hogan And Christopher Rosen Debate On Opening Day

Mets vs. Yankees. The prevailing notion in this town is that you are either one or the other. Can't be both. You can't, like indecisive ice cream eaters, simply swirl both teams into the same cone and be on your way. Seemingly each side of our local baseball feud represents some opposing characteristic about the city, and the team you identify with can reveal a whole lot. We would be surprised if some psychotherapy student, somewhere, never wrote a thesis on this very topic.

So with this divisive New York spirit we approach the same question as the season opens -- which side are you on? Are you a scrappy runner-up? Or a corporate, perennial winner? Defending the Mets (sort of), we have Christopher Rosen, Entertainment Editor. For the Yanks, Executive Entertainment Editor Michael Hogan takes the plate. Gird your loins, fans of each -- harsh words lie ahead.