Michelle Wolf Absolutely Nails Pro-Life Hypocrisy: They 'Do Not Care About Life'

"Pro-life is a propaganda term that isn’t real," she said on "The Break."

As President Donald Trump prepares to announce a Supreme Court nominee who could have a monumental impact on abortion rights in the United States, comic Michelle Wolf tore into those who oppose the right to choose.

And she started with the very name the right uses to describes its position.

“I know some people call themselves ‘pro-life,’ but pro-life is a propaganda term that isn’t real, like healthy ice cream and handsome testicles,” she said on “The Break.” “Get the terminology straight.”

Then she really unloaded:

“First of all, these people are anti-abortion, which means they’re anti-woman. If these people were actually pro-life, they would be fighting hard for healthcare, childcare, gun control, education and protecting the environment. But these anti-abortion people do not care about life, they just care about birth. Like, they think that’s the only place you can watch a woman shit on a table.”

See her full takedown in the clip above.

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