People Point Out The 1 Glaring Omission From Mike Pence's Launch Video

One person, in particular, is missing from the former vice president's 2024 campaign announcement.

Mike Pence officially launched his 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday, and people on social media quickly pointed out that his very first promotional video pretty much avoided any mention of his former boss, Donald Trump.

Pence, narrating the ad, appeared to make only one fleeting reference to serving as Trump’s veep when he described it as a “great honor to serve in Congress, as governor, and as your vice president.”

There was no mention of Trump’s name or images of him.

Pence’s video instead takes aim at President Joe Biden and the “radical left” and vows to restore American greatness.

Watch the video here:

Things turned sour between Pence and current GOP front-runner Trump following Trump’s 2020 election loss to President Joe Biden and Pence’s subsequent refusal to assist Trump’s efforts to overturn the result.

Trump reportedly cheered when his mob of supporters called for Pence to be hanged during the violent Jan. 6 insurrection. Pence has only mildly attacked Trump since, even defending his former boss after Trump was found liable for sexual abuse in the civil lawsuit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll.

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