My Heart Is At Standing Rock

People from around the world on social media are saying "My heart is at Standing Rock" with hashtags trending #StandingWithStandingRock #NODALP #DefendTheSacred and #WaterIsLife I am one of these many people, I read the updates and pray daily for The Standing Rock Reservation. I think it is remarkable how much love and support they are receiving. I am however growing more and more concerned as each day goes by. This whole unjust situation at Standing Rock is about to get more critical and potentially dangerous if something isn't done soon. On December 4, an estimated 2,000 U.S. military veterans are due to "self-deploy" to Standing Rock to join the Native American Community and their supporters in solidarity to protect the water and it's sacred land. It is difficult for me to see anything other than tragedy in this standoff. It is a crying shame that so many have been badly hurt already simply because they are trying to protect their water. Let's start by acknowledging that when the white residents of Bismarck complained that the pipeline endangered them, the route was changed. The danger didn't go away only the color and social standing of the people endangered did. This whole project is symbolic of racism at its best. Why is it hard to understand we can not afford to jeopardize our water for wealth. We need clean, unpolluted water and air for our children and grandchildren. I understand that for some on both sides, this is an all or nothing proposition. President Obama is still sitting silent even though numerous pleas for help have been made. It doesn't help that President-Elect Donald Trump owns an interest in both the pipeline company and Phillips 66, the oil company it will serve. One can only hope at this point he will step in if President Obama doesn't prevent it prior and find a suitable compromise for all involved. There has to be a resolution to all this. Reroute it! The Natives stand to make no money on this nor would they ever choose money over water. Let the profit-makers take the danger along with the money and please leave Standing Rock alone. Continued prayers going out to all the strong hearts at Standing Rock.

If you would like to do more to help The Standing Rock Community Sacred Stone Camp has a website that updates current needs. You can also donate to Standing Rock Sioux to help the Tribe with legal sanitary and emergency funds.