London's Naked Restaurant Is A Sight You Can't Unsee

Cover your eyes, but nothing more.

At the U.K.'s first-ever nude restaurant, vegan food isn't the only thing that's naked.

This summertime pop-up in central London has customers ditch clothing, phones and every ounce of shyness for meals in a tech-free, clothing-optional dining room, the Telegraph reports.

Diners at The Bunyadi are led through a maze of bamboo panels to secluded dining tables without electric lighting, where they're served earthy delights like goji berries, chia mousse and seaweed flakes in clay pots.

The Bunyadi's goal is liberation. Diners aren't required to take their clothes off, but it's common practice to remove the robes they're given upon arrival. Phones and cameras are strictly prohibited to encourage an immersive experience.

"I think people want to free themselves," manager Ignacio Jimenez Blanco told CNN. "I see it as a therapy, it's very liberating. People want it and we're just providing a location and a service."

Liberation doesn't always come in good taste: A naked restaurant in Japan was scorned this week for placing weight and age limits on its customers.

But at The Bunyadi, all are welcome -- all those who can get a reservation, that is. Though the restaurant reportedly has a waiting list of more than 40,000 names, we were still able to pick a date and time for a reservation on the website.

Now we'll just need to find the courage to get naked. Happy dining!

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