Neil Cavuto: Is Obama's Surgeon General Too Fat For The Position? (VIDEO)

Neil Cavuto: Is Obama's Surgeon General Too Fat For The Position? (VIDEO)


Via TPM comes this surreal Fox News segment in which host Neil Cavuto and guest Michael Karolchyk debate whether President Obama's Surgeon General nominee, Dr. Regina Benjamin, is too fat for the job.

Cavuto's classy intro goes like this:

Brilliant, dedicated, experienced and, oh yeah, fat. The President's pick for Surgeon General is fat. Not a lot fat, but enough fat for my next guest to say fat chance for Dr. Regina Benjamin to even be considered. (emphasis mine)

Karolchyk (who is quite a character; TPM has some great details on his bizarre endeavors) spends most of the segment offering tortured analogies and insulting Dr. Benjamin for being "obese" because she is just "lazy":

Dr. Benjamin is 50 pounds overweight. She is obese. She's a size 20. [...]

Ok, let's then turn the tables. Would you then want the head of the Fed Reserve to be a guy in a cardboard box who lives underneath the highway because because he understands the plight of poor people and he understands how to make money work? [...] Would you want Michael Jackson's doctors to be in charge of drug control at the DEA? The bottom line is it's a symbolic position and obesity is the number one issue facing our country in terms of the health and wellness and she has shown not that she was born this way, not that she woke up one day and was obese, she has show through being lazy, and making poor food choices, that she's obese.

Even Cavuto realizes how poorly this segment is playing out because he spends the entire time combating Karolchyk's various derogatory statements. Makes one wonder why he had this person on in the first place.

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