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New York's Museum Of Natural History is Bringing Back Its Sleepover Program for Grown-Ups

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For $350, you can explore the museum after hours, like a precocious Tenenbaum child on the lamb.

Building on the success of last year's notably Ben Stiller-free Night at the Museum for Grown-Ups program, New York City's American Museum of Natural History is bringing back the 21-and-up sleepover for three nights this year.

Before roaming the exhibits, and drifting off to sleep on a cot in the Hall of Ocean Life, under that full-scale fiberglass blue whale, guests will be treated to a champagne reception, with music provided by the 12th Night Jazz trio. Admission also includes a buffet dinner, a "live-animal special exhibition," an evening snack--yes, we're still talking about an event for grown-ups--a "fossil fact-finding tour by flashlight," and a midnight viewing of the Dark Universe space show.

Gothamist attended last year and came back with some great photos. Their advice? "Go well-rested, and stay up all night."

-- By Spencer Peterson

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