News Roundup for February 9, 2017

We think they meant to report that it's a shitstorm out there.

1. Kellyanne Conway told Fox News viewers to "go buy Ivanka's stuff". Pretty sure you just broke a federal law Kellyanne. Bad! More here.

2. Jeff Sessions has been sworn in as the Attorney General. You hear that? It's the death of human dignity. More here.

3. Yemeni government would like if the US let them know before going all Mission Impossible in their country. Seems fair. More here.

4. Wikipedia will no longer accept the Daily Mail as a reputable source due to its history of sloppy fact checking. When Wikipedia is becoming the gold standard we're in deep trouble. More here.

5. Ecuador presidential candidate, Guillermo Lasso, wants Julian Assange out if he is elected. He says Ecuador should not be footing the bill for this man. More here.