No Impact Week: No Impact Dispatches From Around The World

No Impact Week started today, with an emphasis on participants reducing their consumption of new products. If you haven't heard about No Impact Project yet, take a second and learn about it here.

We're asking people to share their reason for joining No Impact Week in a short video -- one minute or less. We've already received a number of dispatches, like this awesome one from Rebecca in Japan:

Whether personal or political, we want you to videotape your reason for joining No Impact Week so we can share it with HuffPost readers. In under one minute, tell us what motivates you, or get creative and SHOW us what motivates you.

Uploading your short video is easy, jut press "Upload Your Story". You're video will be submitted directly to HuffPost, but you'll need a YouTube account. The deadline for submitting videos is Monday at 5pm EST.

To Sign Up For HuffPost's No Impact Week which starts October 18th, Click Here!

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