Obama Endorses Gay Marriage: Celebrities, Media Personalities And LGBT Rights Advocates Sound Off On Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres, Ricky Martin, Zach Wahls Sound Off On Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement

President Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage sent Twitter into overdrive, with celebrities, media personalities and known human rights advocates eager to sound off.

Ellen DeGeneres, Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick Harris and Jane Lynch were just a few of the gay and lesbian celebrities to thank Obama for his "evolved" stance, while Andy Cohen, Suze Orman and Dan Savage also voiced their thoughts.

"Pretty darn happy today," tweeted Lynch, who is married to Lara Embry. "Thanks Mr President, for supporting the dignity of my family and so many others!" Added Harris: "Bravo, Mr. President, and thank you."

In an exclusive statement to HuffPost Gay Voices, Iowa student Zach Wahls -- whose impassioned marriage equality speech became the most-viewed political video on YouTube after going viral twice in 2011 -- noted, "As the son of a same-sex couple from Iowa, and one of the first children born to an openly lesbian parent in the Midwest, it is with a sense of awe-struck bewilderment that I realize I am now represented by a sitting U.S. president who publicly supports the marriage shared by my two moms, Jackie and Terry."

For his part, Savage offered up a more cautious view than most. "Gay people better get out there and support the president," he tweeted. "If he loses in November, we'll be blamed."

Check out responses from celebs, media personalities and a few private citizens:

On Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement

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