'Occupy' Blocked In China, Joins Banned Search Terms On Microblog

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread around the world in recent days. It has led to clashes with police in Melbourne, violence in Rome and massive protests. Protests in the U.S. have even shown hints of conflict in recent days.

China is watching developments carefully and doesn't want the movement to spread to its nation. An Occupy China Facebook page has already sprung up, along with other chatter on the topic.

The latest development: Chinese authorities have blocked phrases with the word 'Occupy' on the popular Chinese microblog Sina Weibo, China Digital Times reports.

"As a Chinese internet company, we will continue to abide by Chinese laws and regulations," a Sina spokesman said earlier this year.

The following phrases are among those blocked, per China Digital Times:

Occupy Beijing, Occupy Shanghai, Occupy Guangzhou, Occupy Xi'an, Occupy Chongqin, Occupy Tianjin, Occupy Urumqi, Occupy Lhasa, Occupy Changsha, Occupy Wuhan, Occupy Nanchang, Occupy Fuzhou, Occupy Nanjing, Occupy Dalian, Occupy Hangzhou, Occupy Harbin, Occupy Chengdu, Occupy Kunming, Occupy Hohhot, Occupy Haikou, Occupy Zhengzhou, Occupy Changchun, Occupy Shenyang, Occupy Xining, Occupy Lanzhou, Occupy Taiyuan, Occupy Yinchuan, Occupy Shijiazhuang, Occupy Jinan, Occupy Nanning. senior editor Cord Jefferson wrote on the significance of the ban: "A good rule of thumb for life is that if the Chinese government is against it, you're probably doing something right."