Occupy Wall Street Moves To Office Building Next To New York Stock Exchange (VIDEO)

WATCH: Occupy Wall Street Moves To Office Building

Following Mayor Bloomberg's raid on Occupy Wall Street back in November, many protestors have since abandoned Zuccotti Park with only a handful of willful demonstrators showing up each day.

But for several, the park's absence is not meant to signify any slowdown of the movement. In fact, one might suggest that Occupy Wall Street is movin' on up - to occupying office cubicles.

CNN got an exclusive tour of Occupy Wall Street's new digs located a block away from the New York Stock Exchange, where several dozens work on various tasks.

Day to day responsibilities include aiding evicted protestors who are now homeless and keeping an eye on the media.

As explained in the video most of the furniture, water, and food is provided by donations. And just like every other office in Manhattan, a copy machine is present too!

When asked if Occupy Wall Street was any different now because of the office, protestor Haywood Carey said:

No I dont think so. One of the things we are trying to reconcile is showing the world a different way of doing things. We may be in an office space but we want to stay true to exactly who we are.

The office is a prime example of protestors shifting strategies both in light of the violent raids that have taken place across the country and the coming winter months.

Rather than occupying a space for a long period of time, protestors are also planning for smaller rallies, one of which took place outside the Sheridan Hotel where President Obama attended a fundraiser event on Wednesday.

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