Occupy's Rolling Jubilee Keeps Rolling -- and the Band Plays On

Occupy's Rolling Jubilee Keeps Rolling -- and the Band Plays On
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Occupy Wall Street's "Strike Debt" (SD) working group and its "Rolling Jubilee" (RJ) operation is partying like the music will never end. And, if they have their way, it won't.

The "sweet music" of being responsible for one more relieved debtor, one more fortunate recipient of their unique efforts in abolishing debt, is just too intoxicating. (Haven't heard of this group or their accomplishments? Where are the mainstream media when you need 'em?)

The latest reclamation of a debtor from a crushing medical bill was featured in an article this past weekend published by the French news agency Agence France-Presse -- the oldest such journalist operation in the world -- in an article titled "Former Occupy Wall Street Activists Start 'Rolling Jubilee' to buy up American's Personal Debt."

The article's subject was 80-year-old Kentucky resident Shirley Logsdon, a woman who had received untold numbers of calls from a debt collection firm for an unpaid medical bill. One which, literally, could not pay at this stage in her life. That fact never stopped the calls.

Logsdon had been treated in Louisville for a back injury, and found herself unable to pay the bills that arrived. "I was really upset," she said. "Almost $1,000 in debt is unreal when you have Medicare. They usually cover everything. I was embarrassed -- we had hit rock-bottom."

Then, she opened her mail one day to find a letter from RJ saying that this debt had been abolished and not to worry -- she would never be called by a collection agency again.

"I was dumbfounded, but delighted, of course," she said to the French reporter. It was a delight shared by her husband of 62 years, also retired.

Partying like it was a year ago...

One evening last month, several dozen SD souls gathered in the social room of a Brooklyn church to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the creation of Rolling Jubilee, their successful efforts to raise more than $600,000 in donations, and the resultant $14.3 million in medical debt they abolished in the past year. By any measure, an amazing accomplishment.

The general public, either through ignorance or misinformation (thanks again, MSM), is unaware that this Occupy group has segmented itself purposely to channel their efforts into make not only a positive contribution to the welfare of another, but to encourage people to question the very legitimacy of debt -- medical debt in particular, the province of SD and RJ.

As the group's founders point out, this is a form of debt which is neither sought out nor readily entered into -- far from it. No one wants to walk into a hospital or doctor's office and say, "I'd like some cancer treatment today," or "I know this will lead to bankruptcy, but if I don't have this heart bypass operation I will die."

So, Americans undergo medical treatment which, in any other western civilized country would be at no personal cost, and come out the other end owing -- collectively -- hundreds of millions of dollars in medical debt which will never be paid. That's the system we have in place, and this is the result of that system.

As vegetarian food was shared and the slightest amount of wine and beer poured, the occupiers broke that evening into smaller groups and began to plot ever more interesting ways to fight debt and to choose likely targets. Abolishing $14 million in medical debt -- with more on the way -- was just a rehearsal.

How about student debt? Mortgage betrays? Credit card burdens? Municipal debt? Hands flew up, votes were taken, strategies discussed.

I believe they are turning up the volume.

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