medical debt

There's a good chance at least some of your medical debt will be forgiven.
A provision benefiting veterans has gotten less beneficial, according to a Democratic senator.
"Having a world-class partner who will run each portfolio through their scoring mechanism, now we can be sure that each patient
Making preparations for the inevitable can save the people you love a lot of unnecessary grief.
Uninvited and from seemingly out of nowhere, a team of "Goodwill Vigilantes" has given every DNC attendee a golden opportunity to leave behind themselves more than simply memories of Philadelphia -- a legacy of paid medical debt.
The campaign's chances of success? Since both Bernie and the Rolling Jubilee were surprised at the results they got in their campaigns, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the DNC campaign might leave behind minimal dollars in medical debt in the target zip codes.
In addition, if you happen to be given a private room because there were no semi-private rooms available, you should NOT have been billed for a private room.
As you have "indirectly identified," a patient MUST physically occupy a room in order to incur a daily inpatient room charge. So no, you should not have been charged for both Wednesday AND Thursday if you were not physically in the room both days.
I received a bill from a medical facility that I felt was unreasonable and did not think it was even the correct amount, so I did not pay it. Now it has turned my account offer to a collection agency. Can they do that?
It is best that you are honest with your dentist and let them know your concerns upfront so you can maintain good oral care without going broke. In addition, here are some tips that might help you save a ton on your next visit:
At the start we only shared the quality other would-be authors have in abundance: passion.
"A Non-Profit That Actually Completes the Mission," the headline declares, and the blog's author, homeless vet Bob Parks is enthused by that not-so-small detail.
Laura, a single mother with breast cancer, no income, and no medical insurance, was over $300,000 in medical debt. While her doctors addressed her cancer, they could do little to help her deal with the devastating financial consequences of her illness.
RIP Medical Debt has not only done well by the families it has gifted, it has at the same time subtracted that amount of available debt from the industry. No agency will have a chance to buy it. It is out of their world. Forever.
What could be easier than starting a feel-good, do good charitable operation? Especially one that would have universal appeal and which -- in one way or another -- likely affects almost every family in the United States?
Do you know your FICO Score? With a new version of the leading credit scoring system released this past fall, it's even more important to understand how you're managing your credit.
Many who look to understand the incredible wealth gap are quickly lost in the exclusive language of finance. When it comes to the inner workings of financial institutions, the rise and fall of markets, the tangled web of international debt, or even just our own personal finances, most of us are lost. In short, we are financially illiterate.
A couple days ago, the New York State Attorney General (AG), Eric T. Schneiderman, announced the settlement of a lawsuit with the top three credit reporting firms.
Millions of Americans are still filing for bankruptcy because of medical debt, even though they have insurance. In 2015, families could be on the hook for 13,200 in out-of-pocket expenses before their coverage kicks in. That's far more than many household budgets will allow.