medical debt

Americans who need medical care for coronavirus infections face thousands of dollars in medical bills — even if they have health insurance.
There's a good chance at least some of your medical debt will be forgiven.
A provision benefiting veterans has gotten less beneficial, according to a Democratic senator.
Making preparations for the inevitable can save the people you love a lot of unnecessary grief.
Uninvited and from seemingly out of nowhere, a team of "Goodwill Vigilantes" has given every DNC attendee a golden opportunity to leave behind themselves more than simply memories of Philadelphia -- a legacy of paid medical debt.
The campaign's chances of success? Since both Bernie and the Rolling Jubilee were surprised at the results they got in their campaigns, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the DNC campaign might leave behind minimal dollars in medical debt in the target zip codes.
In addition, if you happen to be given a private room because there were no semi-private rooms available, you should NOT have been billed for a private room.
As you have "indirectly identified," a patient MUST physically occupy a room in order to incur a daily inpatient room charge. So no, you should not have been charged for both Wednesday AND Thursday if you were not physically in the room both days.