Ohio State Marching Band's 'Wizard Of Oz' Halftime Show Was Pure Magic

At Saturday's football game against Cincinnati, The Ohio State University Marching Band once again stole the spotlight.

For the halftime show, the band transformed the field into landscapes from "The Wizard Of Oz," recreating iconic scenes from the film by forming a tornado, then mimicking Dorothy and Toto journeying through Oz along a yellow brick road.

As the band's brass blared tunes from the film's score, its members reassembled to form the Wicked Witch of the West carrying a flag from the Buckeyes' chief rival, the University of Michigan.

Now, that's some team spirit.

But of course, OSU's marching band is no stranger to elaborate displays of choreography. For the team's first performance of the 2014 football season , the band put on a 9-minute tribute to celebrated TV shows including "The Office," "Batman" and "The Brady Bunch."

The Buckeyes beat the Cincinnati Bearcats 50-28 on Saturday and claimed their 40th straight victory against an in-state opponent, SB Nation reports. The band, meanwhile, won everyone's hearts.