marching band

Police arrested the band director on several charges after he refused to tell his musicians to stop playing.
New Orleans has the highest murder rate in the country, so authorities are trying some creative ways to address it. In a culturally rich city, arts are saving lives. Joining the conversation are Derrick Tabb, Fallyn Travis, Ramon Antonio Vargas, Richard Barber and Jason Berry.
The president of Howard University, Harris' alma mater, said it was "our esteemed honor" to participate in the Inauguration Day festivities.
The doppelganger had Instagram readers cheering "The Way Back" actor as he rocked out with a marching band.
Morgan State University's Magnificent Marching Machine was one of 11 bands in the parade.
Iowa State's marching band put the T. rex in its tribute to "Jurassic Park."
Local public school and college bands aren't answering that bugle call.