Millions Touched By Video Of Elderly Couple Reuniting At Airport


Air travel is not a lot of fun. So when you get off a cramped flight, there's nothing like seeing your sweetie waiting for you in the airport. It's even better if he's carrying a bouquet of flowers and what appears to be a card. 

Singer Chris GQ Perry first posted this heartwarming video on Facebook Monday, showing an older gentleman patiently waiting at the arrivals gate for his beloved. Seconds later the man is greeted by his special lady and the two share a long hug and a kiss. 

"Awws" can be heard on the video from bystanders as the gentleman hands his special someone a bevy of pink roses. She admires them for a second before the two go in for a second hug because, after a long journey, one hug just isn't enough.

The video has been shared over 200,000 times and already has 22 million views since it was posted late on Labor Day. 

"This is true love," Perry wrote. We should all be so lucky as to have a relationship like this. 

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