Once You Go...

Okay now that I have your attention, a pronouncement: President Obama will be re-elected. We are not going back. Don't they know there's no going back. So we didn't get single payer, Guantanamo is still open, Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy -- Rome wasn't built in a day. Anybody who has ever been in devastating circumstances knows it takes time and money, luck and grace to recover.

Aren't we done with patrician or pseudo patrician white bread elitists who think they know what's best for us because, well they have money. As if having money, making money automatically makes you smart. Look around folks and not too far. Most can be self-aggrandizing egomaniacs willing to do whatever to make a buck. I don't want to dismiss anyone who has 'made it' as stupid or ignorant, or worse, dishonest, but our American work hard ethic has been replaced by a 'take the money and run' 'to hell with the little people' 'let them eat cake' attitude reigning in the upper economic echelons of our country, and of course, the world.

President Clinton broke new ground, one of us. Broken home, drinking, no money. Not some rich kid playing with daddy's money at the university. Talk about working for it. President Clinton worked for it. He went balls out all charm, all charisma, all confidence even when he was lying. I mean does anyone really care what's going on in someone else's sex life. Get one yourself. And, let those without sin cast that first stone. Who hasn't lied about sex? I mean, Reagan, that paragon of lies, what about Iran/Contra? What about breaking the unions? Who exactly was that for? I mean a lie is a lie but which affects us. Think.

President Clinton has flaws, overeating, junk food -- a true blue American with all our faults and foibles. You want someone to stand his ground. Come on did we really want a cutout look good puppet president like Reagan, or the real thing. President Clinton is the real thing. No Nancy looking at him adoringly. He has what it takes, endurance. Who cares about his libido?

President Clinton plays the sax, President Obama sings. What exactly does Mitt Romney do except look like a 'Ken' doll and preach. He made money for his company. He made folks in Massachusetts unhappy. Yes, President Obama. I really get pissed when so-called TV news people, I prefer the term 'propagandists' refer to Mitt Romney as Governor Romney and President Obama as 'Obama'. So what he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he's the progeny of a mixed race marriage, who cares about race? Not the people. He's a true American. Of the people, for the people, by the people. And corporations are not people no matter what Romney et als say.

Want to take this country back? Why not take it forward? That's where everyone else is going. Jennifer Lopez, People's most beautiful, not a Christie Brinkley look alike. Let our leaders reflect who we are. America is about progress not going back. The world is changing as the world does. We are changing as we do. It's life. It's the nature of man. It's the nature of our country. Let's forget the short-term exploiters, go to war, mine that country's resources, divert profits, test your products. The world is not our playground to do what we want. Our diversity, our melting pot doesn't divide us, it makes us great. It makes us who we are. Together we made one of the greatest countries ever. Don't let these money is king robber barons take it away. Freedom is not about making money as the Romney's of this world would have us believe. Sure we all need to work, to earn livings, but do we really want to succeed in a failing world. Do we really want to live high on someone else's back. Is this America? Is this what our founding fathers, our true patriots have in mind. How about a long-term thinker. How about someone of the future. How about President Obama. We can't go back.