One Book Can Change Your Life


Do you read books? I love reading, it's almost like meditation for me.

Did you ever start reading a book, and you just didn't want to stop, you wanted to finish it the same day? Or after you finished reading you wanted to read it again a few more times?

I did -- actually, one book that I read like this completely changed my life! The book was by Dan Millman, and I'm sure he's changed many peoples lives. Maybe you've heard of the book, or you saw the movie Peaceful Warrior? It's based on Dan's true life story. It's spiritual, inspiring and motivational.

Did you hear the saying: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear? When I discovered Dan, I knew that he was my teacher. I was living in Istanbul, Turkey, where I'd lived my whole life up until then. I saw his movie, re-watched it a few times, and then I started to learn about his life story and his many books. I read all of his books, but one of them, Sacred Journey Of The Peaceful Warrior, affected me very much. It describes his experience with a mystical sage called Mama Chia on the Hawaiian island of Molokai.


I didn't know much about Hawaii. I thought it was just one island somewhere, I really had no idea. I didn't speak english, and I'd never been outside of Turkey. But I just loved the description of this spiritual and special island Molokai. I started to dream. I told myself I had to go there, I want to live there! I had no idea when or how I could possibly make it.

I have a son, and as a responsible mum of course I had to think of his future before I could think of my dreams. But luckily my son Mert had a dream too -- he wanted to play professional basketball, and Istanbul was really not the right place to do it.

I know lots of kids dream like this, but I really wanted to help him so I started to search for a place where he could get a good education and at the same time maybe make his dream reality. In August 2007 Mert was 14 when he moved to Vancouver BC and started high school there. He was playing basketball on the school team. He was happy!

I never forgot my dream -- I knew that sooner or later I would get to Molokai.

The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination.
-- Dan Millman

I wanted to be with my son and in 2009 I moved to Canada too. It was not an easy process, I had to leave all my family and friends behind, my career too. It was tough to get the visa and of course learning the new language was hard too. When I think back now, especially at all my friends comments, I realize it was a big step.

Creating a new life was difficult but not impossible. I was lucky to find some awesome new friends in Vancouver who helped me whenever I needed.

What happened after?

My love story started. I met my husband, Matt, in Vancouver. Seriously how, I don't know! I told him about my dream. He is such a perfect guy, he arranged a surprise trip to Molokai for me. I couldn't believe it, it seemed so crazy, after 10 years I will actually visit Molokai!

When we arrived I cried so much, but just from happiness.

I emailed Dan after that to thank him for his inspiration. I wasn't expecting to hear back, but I was so happy when I got the most wonderful, personal reply from him.

That was 4 years ago, and now I'm writing this article from my living room on the island of Molokai...

The reason I'm telling you my story? To show that you can get whatever you want from your life. I am not special, I don't have secret powers. Just one thing I can tell you is to dream big. But don't chase your dreams, just let go and believe and it will find you.