24 Things That You're Only Proud Of In College

College is a time to explore yourself and the world around you. It's about figuring out what you and life are all about. But let's be honest, our standards during college were relatively low. So many of the things that happened back then go into our personal "lock boxes" never to be spoken of again.

Until now!

These are things most college students are proud to brag about. And then you grow up, you become an adult, and these same things just don't carry the same amount of pride that they once did.

Like ...

Succeeding without doing any work at all.

You passed your classes without attending and sometimes without buying the required textbook. An interesting strategy.

Showing off your beer pong setup.

But perhaps it led to a bright future in engineering.

Waking up in a random bed after a night of drinking.

Throwing up and rallying back to drink more.

Getting up before noon on the weekends.

11 am? What an early bird!

"Cooking" Kraft mac and cheese all by yourself.

The secret ingredient is poor.

Improvising in the kitchen.

Bam! What's all the racket in there?

Pulling all-nighters.

Asking your parents for money.

Thanks, mom and dad!

Showing off your fake ID.

"What, it's totally me! I got a haircut and lost a lot of ... nose."

Stringing up Christmas lights in your room year round.

The night-light for college kids.

Displaying the street signs you and your friends had stolen.

Bragging about your one night stand.

Dazzling people with your homemade bong.

Bong, James Bong. (Joke h/t to RoarLikeBear.)

Sneaking onto the roof of a building and leaving your mark.

Having food delivered in class or the library.

Smuggling alcohol where alcohol was not allowed.

Pretty sneaky.

Claiming any furniture that was totally free.

Awful? Or pure JEAN-ius?

Binging on some sugary, caffeinated, alcoholic monstrosity.

Beer bonging it up.

Painting your body up for the big game.

Our bodies all looked a lot better back then.

Knowing everyone at the bar.

Showing off your totally tasteless Halloween costume.

(Psst, she's a tampon. Yeah, we know...)

Getting your party getting broken up by the cops.

But now, adult you is just like ...



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