Open Letter to Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders consistently repeats that we need to start a political revolution, with or without him, to correct what most people in this country (97% according to polls) agree is wrong with it: our government is corrupted by money and crony capitalism. For this reason, I have written the following letter that I urge Americans to spread far and wide:

Dear Senator Sanders,

I am worried about our country for the many crises we face. Not since the Civil War have we been so divided; never have our elections been so expensive. We need a revolution to fix the ballot box, gerrymandering, and to stop bribery. Let's start that revolution you talk about by getting organized.

Please urge Americans to use the Pledge for Honest Candidates to remove the corrupt representatives from office. Implore your volunteers to call or write the candidates running in 2016, asking them to take the Pledge. Throw out all those who refuse to sign it by voting in those who will. Then maybe we would have a Congress who actually works for us.

When you call for a revolution at your next rally, please tell them to google "Pledge for Honest Candidates" and see what happens.

Judy Frankel