Mark Bridges Was The Night's Biggest Winner: He Took Home An Oscar And A Jet Ski

A 36-second speech led to an $18,000 prize.

Turns out there might be something even better than winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards: winning an Oscar and a jet ski. 

At the start of Sunday night’s show, host Jimmy Kimmel said he would be timing the acceptance speeches, with the shortest speaker taking home an extra prize worth $18,000. 

He wasn’t kidding, either. 

As the show came to a close, Mark Bridges, who won an Oscar in the Best Costume Design category for his work on “Phantom Thread,” came on stage riding his brand-new jet ski. Bridges’speech was a concise 36 seconds long, but not because he was trying to win the additional prize, which was presented by actress Helen Mirren. 


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That was an accident,” he told “ET” after the show. “I really had things to say... I forgot a sentence and now look ― I got me and Helen Mirren on a jet ski and now I have a jet ski.”

Bridges said he was plucked from the audience toward the end of the awards show. 

“They said can you come to the green room and I was like, oh no, I got the jet ski,” Bridges said.