Oval Engagement Rings That Give Kourtney Kardashian's A Run For Its Money

From sparkling engagement rings to uniquely hand-painted signets, these oval-shaped rings are stunning and trending right now.
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Oct. 18, 2021 might just go down in pop culture history as the day Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and Poosh founder Kourtney Kardashian commemorated their whirlwind romance with a private beach engagement.

While many of us can’t understand the fascination with the comings and goings of the rich and famous, Google Trends reported a hugely exponential increase in “oval engagement ring” searches since Kourtney said “yes” and photos of her $1 million oval diamond graced the pages of her Instagram.

This wouldn’t be the first time that celebrities have influenced our buying habits and fueled consumer trends. The world saw similar purchasing trends with Ariana Grande’s tilted oval engagement ring, Rihanna’s questionable choice to wear socks with heels and Paris Hilton’s velour tracksuits of the early 2000s.

Neil Lane is a renowned and longtime jeweler in Hollywood whose engagement rings have been the premier choice of celebrities for years. Lane and his couture collection of engagement rings, regularly featured on The Bachelor franchise, may have helped to bring the oval-cut to the level of popularity that we see today.

“A number of years ago, only the princess and radiant cut were the only shapes known to the public,” Lane told HuffPost. “Now, with the help of social media and shows like ‘The Bachelor,’ people have a better understanding of rings that meet their specific styles and taste. There’s also greater participation on behalf of the ring receiver.”

The appeal of oval-shaped rings might be justified, as they possess some aesthetic benefits over other diamond shapes. Lane loves them because “their symmetry is appealing and they can lend themselves to smaller sizes while still looking beautiful. At all levels, it looks great,” he said.

According to Lane, an oval’s soft and elongated appearance can also make the wearer’s finger look more slender. And if “the bigger the better” is your general attitude towards diamonds, then you’re in luck, because oval-shaped stones can also give the impression of being larger than they actually are due to their greater surface area.

Whether you’re engagement-curious or just want to add a pretty piece of jewelry to your collection, these oval-shaped rings are beautiful, unique and don’t require that Blink-182 budget.

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Neil Lane oval diamond engagement ring from Kay Jewelers' Neil Lane bridal collection
This 14 karat white gold ring designed by Neil Lane doesn't skimp on the sparkle, as a 3/4 carat's worth of diamonds surround every inch. Inspired by old Hollywood glamour, the impressive-looking ring has two rows of sparkling round diamonds that halo the center oval stone. "Out of all the fancy shapes, oval-cuts are able to be surrounded with smaller diamonds without any kind of distraction or takeaway from its beauty. This haloed effect can even help to enhance the size of the diamond," Lane told HuffPost.

Get it from Kay Jewelers for $1,839.99.
Margot engagement ring from Brilliant Earth
Brilliant Earth has made an effort to create transparency and sustainability in the diamond industry, which has become almost synonymous with unethical labor, violence and environmental devastation. The company ensures that all of their diamonds are responsibly sourced and allows you to customize your ring setting, diamond size and shape right on the website. The Margot engagement ring combines a contemporary bezel-set center gem with unique vintage-inspired milgrain accents surrounding the diamond.

Get it from Brilliant Earth for $990 (white gold setting only).
Oval opal ring
Perfectly flecked with pastel hues and reflective finish, this genuine opal gemstone is set in a dainty 14 karat solid gold band and setting, making it the perfect size for everyday wear. If a thicker band is more your speed, you have the option of upgrading to a larger width as the ring is made to order.

Get it from Etsy for $155.
The Rose & Diamond ring by Cece Jewelry
The process by which this solid 18 karat yellow gold signet ring is made is as unique as the ring looks. The intricate rose design is hand engraved, then painted using fire and crushed glass in one laborious enameling process. Then it's embellished with diamonds set in a star design for a truly unique final product.

Get it from Catbird for $3,988.
Monochrome Dôme ring
If this isn't the snazziest-looking cocktail party ring there ever was! Eighteen karat gold vermeil and a "squoval"-shaped rose quartz gemstone are used in the crafting of this ring, and both are ethically and sustainably sourced with traceable materials. A slick enamel coating is the finishing touch to this one-of-a-kind piece.

Get it from Mejuri for $125.
Oval-cut solitaire engagement ring
You'll fool even the most astute eye, because this sparkly engagement ring looks just like the real thing. Handmade with sterling silver with a zircon gemstone, it's durable and flattering. Use it to replace a genuine engagement ring when you don't feel comfortable wearing a real one, or gift it to yourself just because real diamonds might be overrated, anyway.

Get it from Etsy for $28.
Jennie Kwon Caravaggio green sapphire ring
If you're getting some 16th-century Victorian royalty/wilting flowers/elaborate-chandeliers-and-a-court-replete-with-a-jester-king-and-queen vibes from this ring, then you wouldn't be wrong, because that's exactly what the designer had in mind. A genuine pale green sapphire is centered in a solid 14 karat gold setting and delicate band. Luckily you don't have to be Victorian royalty to wear this oval-shaped beauty.

Get it from Catbird for $594.
Clear quartz snowflake ring
An icy take on a statement ring, this crystal clear quartz gemstone is etched with a subtle snowflake design on the underside. Although it seems oversized, this ring looks flattering on any finger and can be custom ordered in your exact ring size. The gemstone is set in real sterling silver with a 14 karat gold vermeil coating for a glamorous look and feel.

Get it from Etsy for $34.50.
Jennie Kwon diamond oval round ring
Meticulously handcrafted in Los Angeles, this ring is throughly modern with touches of Art Deco influence. Unique and graceful, the oval diamond is accompanied by two smaller round diamonds for a more pronounced and centralized look. The solid 14 karat gold setting and band features milgrain detail and is petite enough to be paired with other wedding bands.

Get it from Catbird for $3,925.
Horizontal petite engagement ring from Brilliant Earth
This design concept takes the typical oval engagement ring and turns it sideways -- literally. The classic four-prong setting and ultra-thin band make this a comfortable option that is both wearable and petite. And, from a company like Brilliant Earth, you can be sure that the diamond is ethically sourced and conflict-free.

Get it from Brilliant Earth for $550 (rose gold setting only).
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