Parrot Pulls Kid's Loose Tooth, Gives Dentists And Bird Owners Everywhere A Panic Attack

WATCH: Parrot Pulls Kid's Loose Tooth

The tooth fairy is real. In addition to wings, it also has feathers, claws and a beak.

14-year-old Anton Androshchuk's pet parrot, Gosha, has a very particular set of skills, skills that make him an asset to both dentists and tooth fairies alike. Gosha pulls loose teeth.*

"The first time he pulled out my tooth was three years ago," Anton told The Huffington Post, explaining how he learned of the quaker parrot's unique abilities. "I fell asleep and he creeped up to me and started picking at my teeth, next thing you know, I wake up and he has my tooth in his beak."

Polly want a ... loose tooth?

*A word of warning: The human mouth harbors bacteria which can be extremely harmful, even fatal, when introduced to birds. After learning this, Anton told HuffPost his parents don't let him play with Gosha in this manner any more. Under no circumstances should you ever do this with a bird.

But that's OK. Besides birds, there are other, more efficient, airborne methods for pulling teeth.

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