Pornhub Reduces Latinas To A Taco Emoji, Because Stereotypes

#LatinasAreNot tacos -- or fetishes, for that matter.

As if it wasn't enough that Latinas are consistently fetishized in the porn industry, usually readily available in a separate category for viewers, now they've been reduced to being labeled as nothing more than a stereotypical food. recently launched its service, "Emoji 4 Porn," which allows users to text an emoji and receive a video on their phone corresponding to that emoji's representative category. It listed the category-emoji pairings on its site as follows:

Ugh, seriously?
Ugh, seriously?

The porn site certainly got creative with many of their options, except when it came down to "Latinas." Their categories for "Russian," "Japanese," "Indian" and other nationalities were represented by flags while Latinas were simply reduced to a taco.

And, yes, people on Twitter noticed how stereotypical it was to use traditional Mexican food to represent ALL Latinas:

It seems like missed the #LatinasAreNot hashtag.

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