26 Practical Kitchen Finds On Amazon Under $20

Make your life easier.

Kitchens are easily one of the most cluttered rooms in the home. There are odd-shaped pots and pans to make space for, pantry goods and cleaning items to store away, and everyday essentials that are never within reach. Figuring out clever space-saving hacks can be costly and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are cheap ways to give your kitchen more storage space, and they start with Amazon. We’ve pulled together practical kitchen gadgets, accessories, space-savers and other essentials on Amazon for under $20 that’ll make your life easier.

Here are 26 practical Amazon purchases for the kitchen under $20:

These adhesive towel hooks
Looking for an easy way to store towels within reach, without drilling into your backsplash or draping it over the cabinet handle? These adhesive towel hooks are a renter-friendly solution.
This over-the-sink roll-up drying rack
If you're looking for a quick way to keep drying dishes off your valuable counter space, opt for this over-the-sink drying rack. It rolls up easily so it doesn't take up much space when not in use.
A over-the-sink dish rack
No counter space? No problem. This over-the-sink dish rack allows you to wash and dry your dishes all within the same space.
This wall mount bag dispenser
Ditch your system of stuffing all of your loose plastic bags into one mother bag. This dispenser is the solution.
Silicone food storage bags
If you're tired of buying endless boxes of plastic storage bags for leftovers and lunches, these silicone bags are a godsend. They're lock-tight, so they can store fruits, veggies, meats and even liquids, and their reusable design means they're better for your wallet, too.
These silicone food savers
Ever found yourself using half of a fruit or veggie, only to have it go old in a day? These food savers are the solution to keeping half-used fruits and veggies fresh for longer.
This dish-drying mat
This under-shelf basket organizer
Use it to store easy-to-lose essentials.
Stemware holder
Utilize the empty space between your cabinet and counter with this stemware holder.
A magnetic knife strip
Don't have space for a knife block? Clean out your cutlery drawer with this magnetic knife strip to keep all of your essential cutlery within reach.
This suction kitchen sponge holder
Keep your sponges clean and within reach by using this suctioned holder on the side of your sink.
A kitchen wall rail with 10 large S hooks
Get your cookware out of valuable storage cabinets and onto unused wall space with this kitchen rail with S hooks.
This hanging over-the-door pantry organizer
Who says over-the-door organizers are only for closets? Take the genius design of hanging organizers and bring them to your pantry to store dry goods, spices, k-cup coffee pods, condiments and more.
A turntable
Use in pantries for dry goods, canned food or spices, and under cabinets for cosmetics, bathroom essentials and cleaning products.
This expandable kitchen counter storage
Gain extra counter space in cramped kitchens by going vertical with this expandable countertop storage unit.
This can organizing rack
Keep all of your canned goods neatly organized and easily within reach, rather than a stacked mess that could topple over any minute.
This cabinet door organizer
Store cutting boards, bakeware, storage bags and food wrap.
These silicone sponges
Believe us, you should ditch your foam sponges for these reusable ones. They don't breed bacteria like cloth ones, they're easy to clean, and they can be used as pot holders, rubber grippers, and even vegetable brushes.
A new stainless steel kitchen knife
You can never have too many sharp, ready-to-use kitchen knives.
New kitchen scissors
Trust us, your kitchen scissors probably need replacing.
This pan organizer rack
Stand it up, set it on its side, or mount it to the wall. However you use it, it'll save you a ton of storage space.
This multipurpose food chopper
It chops, blends, grates, slices, purees and more.
This silicone baking mat
No need for oil, cooking spray or parchment paper with these reusable mats.
This stainless steel vegetable peeler with cleaning brush
Two gadgets in one compact design.
This 42-piece Rubbermaid food storage set
Replace those lid-less containers and mismatched storage containers for this incredibly affordable set. Plus, it's microwave and dishwasher safe.
This 3-in-1 avocado tool
Split, pit and slice avocados all with this one tool.

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