12 Burning Questions 'Community' Needs To Answer In Season 6

"Community" is officially returning for a sixth season, and there's really just one thing to say:

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Yahoo and Sony Picture Television announced Monday, June 30, that our favorite Greendale study group will return this fall for a new season exclusively on Yahoo Screen, and Vulture reports a movie is likely as well.

The announcement is a relief to "Community" fans who hope Season 6 will finally provide an answer to some burning questions.

1. Will Jeff end up with Britta?
Jeff Winger's infatuation with Britta Perry was the catalyst that got the Greendale study group together in the first place. Will they finally end up together? If not, will Jeff end up with Annie? The Dean? Anyone?

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2. What happened to Troy?
The last we saw Troy, he left Greendale to sail around the world as a condition before he could claim Pierce Hawthorne's fortune. TVLine reports that Donald Glover is not returning, but can you really have Season 6 without "Troy and Abed in the Morning"?
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3. Did Pierce really die?
It's been no secret that Chevy Chase had his issues while on "Community," and saying his character died seems like an easy way to solve the problem; however, Chase's character Pierce has gone to great lengths to fake his own death in the past. Is this just another scheme?
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4. Who is the Ass Crack Bandit?
The Ass Crack Bandit is a Greendale prankster who goes around putting change in unsuspecting butt cracks. The Internet has its theories on the bandit's true identity, but will Season 6 finally give us an answer?

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5. Will Professor Buzz Hickey ever have a cool handshake?
Buzz Hickey? More like Buzz Kill! Haha, right? ... right, guys?
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6. Has everyone just given up on studying?
The Greendale study group is known for having a great time playing paintball and pretending the floor is hot lava, but will Season 6 finally feature what everyone wants to see: awesome, hardcore study time?

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Our guess is probably not.

7. Will Britta ever not Britta things up?
Britta messes things up so much that the term "Britta'd" has become a synonym for faux pas. Will Britta finally become the cool girl we always thought she was?

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8. Will Abed solve the unsolvable question?
Abed has an answer for everything, but there's one question that stumped even him: "Is Nic Cage good or bad?" Trying to solve the problem has caused him to totally lose it, but is this the year the question gets answered? Click here to relive Abed's Nic Cage freak out.

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9. Are there more Chang-isms to come?
Ben Chang started at Greendale as a Spanish professor and somehow transformed into a criminal mastermind whose greatest weapon is his ability to use his name as a pun. Will he continue down this path or have a Chang of heart?

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10. Will the Dean finally reveal ... why he likes costumes so much?
Dean Craig Pelton is known for his fabulous outfits, but there has always been a suspicion that there is a deeper reason behind his fetish for fancy threads. Is this the year Pelton finally comes out?
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11. Is this the end for Greendale?
Greendale Community College was barely saved from being purchased by Subway in Season 5, but with the school board still set on selling the school, could the end be near?
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12. #Season7, anyone?
We can dream, right?
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