Rabbi Writes Patronizing Letter To Sarah Silverman, Has His Ass Handed To Him By Her Dad

Sarah Silverman's Dad Fires Back At Rabbi's Scathing Letter

Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt is apparently not a fan of Sarah Silverman. In fact, if his open letter to her can be taken on its face, he's not a fan in general of uppity women who haven't made marriage and baby-making a priority.

The letter, published on JewishPress.com, initially takes issue with Silverman's Let My People Vote campaign for its use of "biblical language," but his argument quickly shifts focus to the comedian's real crimes: focusing on her career rather than marrying and mothering her own "brood." Rosenblatt suggests that the reason for Silverman's political interests -- which he seems to think are new -- is the result of a hole in her life that can only be filled by traditional marriage and family.

I think you have latched on to politics because you are searching for something to build. There is only so much pulling down one can do without feeling utterly destructive.... You are driven. You are passionate. I pray that you channel your drive and direct your passion to something positive, something that will make you a better and more positive person, something that will allow you to touch eternity and truly impact the world forever. I pray that you pursue marriage and, if you are so blessed, raise children.

Jezebel writer Katie J.M. Baker reacted to the letter today with a scathing response:

Why is Rabbi Rosenblatt so threatened by Sarah Silverman? Because — make no mistake — that's exactly what he is. He's clearly threatened by the fact that a 42-year-old childless (gasp!), unmarried (double gasp!) woman (TRIPLE GASP!) wields so much power and influence — and that she actually seems fulfilled by her unorthodox life choices.

But most importantly, Silverman's dad took to the comments section on Rosenblatt's post and fired off a couple of warning shots:

Hey asshole: Daughter #1 is a rabbi. Not by your standards. She's reform. How dare she, a lowly woman think god wants her to be a rabbi, created from a mere rib. Her hubby, three times nominated for a nobel peace prize was listed by the Jerusalem Post as the 49th most influential jew in the world built the worlds largest solar field in israel. By the way, Sarah was also on the list. I missed your name. Oldest granddaughter is serving in the Israel Defense Forces. I'm sure you also served.Oh I forgot the orthodox don't do that. You don't fuck with my family.

Is it too early to name Donald Silverman dad of the year?

Silverman has yet to respond to the letter herself, but we we're not putting our money on the comedian having a family-values change of heart anytime soon.

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