19 Reasons Artists Are The Worst

Actor Shia LaBeouf poses for photographers, with a paper bag over his head that says 'I am not famous anymore', on the red ca
Actor Shia LaBeouf poses for photographers, with a paper bag over his head that says 'I am not famous anymore', on the red carpet for the film Nymphomaniac at the International Film Festival Berlinale in Berlin, Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014. (AP Photo/Axel Schmidt)

Don't get us wrong, artists are a special breed and, in many ways, we love them dearly. We devote most of our waking hours to them after all.

But every once and a while we can't shake off the suspicion that, between the snobbery, the hypocrisy, the money and the bullshit, artists are just the worst. On the off chance we lost you there, we've compiled a list of reasons why.

Some factors listed below explain why we love to hate artists, and others, well, why we just really hate them. Excuse us while we air our grievances and, please, try not too take some of these too personally. Remember, we are the Huffington Post Arts & Culture page after all.

Behold, 19 reasons artists are the worst. Let us know your personal art world woes in the comments.

1. They exclude women.


2. ...Unless they're naked.


Will Cotton, Cotton Candy Katy, 2010, Oil on linen, 72x84 inches.

3. Sometimes it feels like they're just vomiting up work.

Millie Brown, vomit artist par excellence.

4. Or, shall we say, plopping it out.

This, if you couldn't tell, is a woman giving birth to a canvas.

5. One of their "vandalized" pieces could sell for more than your house.

banksy housing works

Banksy's "The banality of the banality of evil" sold for $615,000.

6. And a blank canvas could be worth way more than your salary, if they signed it.

blank canvas

Like Bob Law's "Nothing to be Afraid of," not pictured.

7. They don't always adhere to the rules of grammar we're accustomed to.

Oh, Raymond.

damien hirst butterfly

Damien Hirst's "I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds" killed 9,000 butterflies.

9. Or, just do really bizarre, explicit, inexplicable things with them.


This artist was found guilty of sexual exhibitionism after dancing with a rooster tied to his penis in Paris.

10. Sometimes they exploit the public fascination with mundane personal details more than any cheesy reality show.

marni kotak

This artist, Marni Kotak, gave birth in front of a gallery.

11. Or they just go on a reality show.


Remember Gallery Girls?

12. They can be hypocritical when it comes to their liberal values.


13. ...And their critiques of celebrity culture.

14. And don't even get us started on celebrity artists...

The many layers of Franco.

15. Or celebrities undergoing a minor crisis under the guise of performance art.

shia labeouf art

Shia Labeouf in his #IAMSORRY phase.

16. Artists ruin art... for the sake of art.

Remember when someone vandalized a Rothko because Yellowism?

This 22-year old artist scored a solo art show after vandalizing a Picasso in Houston.

18. They'll reject you in language you don't even understand.

"It has the singularity of outsider art, though the conscious rejection of spatial dynamics could only come from an intimacy with the conventions of picture-making."

19. And the worst part is, once you enter the art world, there's no turning back.


At the end of the day, we love the art world, we just reserve the right to call it out sometimes.



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