Rep. James Comer Pivots On Key Biden Impeachment Witness Charged With Lying

Alexander Smirnov has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly lying about the Bidens.

If you think having your key informant arrested by the FBI and accused of lying to them might hinder your criminal case against the president, then you’re obviously not Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.)

Former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov was supposed to be a key witness in the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into what he claimed was a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden’s family.

Comer’s plans could be dashed, now that the FBI has arrested Smirnov for allegedly making it all up.

Still, the Republican claimed on Fox Business on Tuesday that the arrest is “very suspicious,” and added that “the trust level that I have with the FBI is zero.”

“The FBI paid [Smirnov] to be a spy in Russia,” Comer added. “The FBI indicted him because he was communicating with Russia! But that’s what they paid him for over 10 years to do!”

Smirnov was a paid informant of the FBI who began working for the agency in 2010, according to records cited by CNN. But the indictment against him isn’t for communicating with Russia, but for lying to investigators about the Bidens — after he’d spoken with Russian prosecutors about the case, per news reports.

Comer also used Tuesday’s Fox Business appearance to change his story about Smirnov’s importance to his investigation.

Previously, Comer had said that Smirnov’s claims were crucial to Biden’s impeachment, but he told Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday that Smirnov “never was a key part” of the probe.

Watch the exchange in the video clip below.

Not surprisingly, people on X, formerly Twitter, were skeptical. Very skeptical.

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