'For Dummies' Books Should Top the Republican Party's Reading List

The highly popular and proliferate series of For Dummies books has more than 1,800 titles with more than 250 million books in print around the world. With these numbers and a stable of authors who write on every issue imaginable, you would think that all topics had adequately been covered.

Yet, with all those titles, Republicans have given me ideas for a few more...

A well-known book from the series is Writing Fiction for Dummies. Many Republicans have put this book to the test by creatively writing their parties' talking points on the subjects of war, foreign policy, Benghazi, job creation, taxation, and a host of other bogus concerns. They insisted the ACA would destroy America, even as the number of enrollees climbed. In their version, Republicans are always the protagonists, while the Democrats play the villains.

Just as Pinocchio's nose grew when he stretched the truth, the deficit would grow under the Republican's plan because their math doesn't add up. While they say they want to cut spending and the deficit, the opposite effects are inevitable with their proposed budget. If you cut taxes on the wealthy, increase defense spending and provide no ideas that would grow our economy, the results will be that the deficit will grow.

With all of this Republican fiction, two other books to consider are Congress for Dummies and How Washington Works for Dummies. They are about how Congress and Washington work... what an oxymoron! We know they don't work. When is the last time you've seen a Republican propose something or vote for anything that would help the average American? Instead of a jobs bill, Ted Cruz and his colleagues shut down the government and cost taxpayers $24 billion. These actions, or rather inactions, inspired my next title -- Congress are the Dummies.

After voting for the government shutdown, Renee Ellmers, a Congressional member representing North Carolina's 2nd district, said, "I need my paycheck. That's the bottom line. I understand that there may be some other members who are deferring their paychecks, and I think that's admirable. I'm not in that position." This remark selfishly focused on her and fellow congressional members that voted to continue receiving their paychecks even though they prevented many constituents from receiving theirs. She apparently didn't think the paychecks of 800,000 federal workers, being furloughed because of the budget impasse in Congress, were as important to them as her check was to her.

There are some Dummies books I think the Republican party should read, like Effective Time Management for Dummies. Republicans have voted more than 50 times to repeal the ACA, although it is the law. They are holding two more special investigations on Benghazi, even though they have spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars holding hearings that have yielded no connection to the White House or improprieties.

Investing for Dummies is another book I would suggest. Congress clearly does not understand how to invest in America. They should allocate funds to build bridges that are crumbling and fix roads full of potholes. Invest in higher education and job training programs. Instead of investing in millionaires and billionaires, invest in average Americans. Strengthen, not weaken Social Security and Medicare. Expand Medicaid in all states. Fund FEMA. Support alternative energy development. Investing in, rather than crippling our economy, will help everyone, even the wealthy.

I especially liked How to Fix Everything for Dummies. While resolving everything is unlikely, it would be nice if Congress fixed some things. If Congress had to work for and live on $7.25 an hour, raising the minimum wage would not be an issue. It would be passed as the first order of business.

A book Mitt Romney and the party could learn from is Understanding Women for Dummies. They could learn how to talk to women and acquire information on birth control and how it works. Republicans should listen to smart women so they can appreciate why they not only want equal pay for equal work, but deserve it. Perhaps they are focusing on a book called Angering Women Voters for Dummies instead.

Since Republican congressional members, governors and candidates spend a good part of their time explaining what they really mean in their racially-charged, women-hating remarks, perhaps reading English Grammar for Dummies will help them articulate their thoughts more clearly. Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, and John Boehner have spent a lot of time restating and explaining what they said; even though we all know what they said was what they meant.

And lastly, Supreme Court for Dummies might be helpful to the Roberts' Court -- possibly the worst court in our history. The court is no longer interested in interpreting the Constitution, which is their job. They are now a conservative bunch interested in their own ideology rather than the country and our Constitution. They have upheld laws gutting the voting act, and made it possible for billionaires to contribute unlimited funds to try and buy our elections. A government for the rich and by the rich is their motto.

This Supreme Court will be examined in more detail in my next blog: The Injustices of the Justices: Supreme Court style.