Rick Perry: 'We Cannot Condemn Certain Lifestyles' (VIDEO)

Rick Perry: 'We Cannot Condemn Certain Lifestyles'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) expressed the importance of acceptance Sunday at the First Baptist Church of Dallas -- a rare move for the governor, who has denounced same-sex marriage in the past.

"We cannot condemn certain lifestyles while turning a blind eye to sins that, in God's eye, are just as grievous," Perry said at the dedication of the church, which is led by Rev. Robert Jeffress. "We must love all, welcome all, and be a model for Christ."

According to the Dallas Morning News, Perry did not address specific lifestyles, but instead spoke in general terms. Perry's comments were part of a larger speech on the need to embrace all "sinners."

Perry has consistently opposed gay marriage, signing an anti-gay pledge in 2011. Around the same time, he released a presidential campaign ad that went viral, in which he suggested President Barack Obama was waging "a war on religion" and promised to protect "religious heritage" if he was elected to office.

Just two months go, Perry said he believes the Boy Scouts of America should uphold its anti-gay policy.

Watch Perry's full speech at WFAA-TV Dallas/Fort Worth.

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