Riz Ahmed And His 'The Night Of' Lawyer John Turturro Reunite To Help Syrian Refugees

For those itching to do some good in the world.

Rest assured, “The Night Of” fans fascinated with John Turturro’s various skin ailments. He’s still itching after the finale, but this time it has nothing to do with his feet. 

That’s right: Riz Ahmed, who played murder suspect Naz on the HBO miniseries, has reunited with his “Night Of” legal representation, who’s now itching do something good in the world. The co-stars filmed a short video together to convince viewers to support Syrian refugees in the wake of Donald Trump’s executive order indefinitely blocking all refugees from Syria from seeking asylum. 

“It’s now harder and harder for them to flee all the misery they are suffering through no fault of their own,” Ahmed says in the clip. “So far we’ve raised $100,000 for Syrian refugee children to get them emergency aid and an education.” 

According to his website, Ahmed has actually, as of press time, raised close to $150,000, with options for donors to tangibly impact the lives of refugees by buying a heater, blankets, sleeping mats or an ambulance. 

And in case you needed some sort of incentive to help one of the world’s most vulnerable populations, Ahmed is randomly selecting donors to win prizes like signed “Star Wars” memorabilia and his Golden Globes Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo.

In case you forgot how good Riz Ahmed looks in a tuxedo, here you go: 

Naz so bad.
Naz so bad.


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