Bloomberg TV Special: Rupert Murdoch 'What God Meant When He Created A Media Executive'

Vision. Guts. The initiative to "take a risk" and "go to the edge." These are all attributes that Bloomberg's Ron Grover claims Rupert Murdoch has, earning him the title of "... What God meant when he created a media executive."

Bloomberg's TV special on Rupert Murdoch will showcase a variety of different industry people singing the praises of the man who governs the $30 billion media organization responsible for Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post among other outlets.

Although none of the commentators are current employees of the empire otherwise known as NewsCorp, a former CEO reached out to express Murdoch's strengths on a personal-level. "... In a crisis, he is the coolest, calmest and if he supports you and he believes in you, he'll back you all the way to the wall," said Peter Chernin. "He's the best guy you could ever want in the foxhole with you."

Murdoch "Can take more pain than anybody else," sad Michael Wolff, author of the Murdoch biography "The Man Who Owns The News" and Editor-in-Chief of Adweek.

But Wolff is quick to note that Murdoch is old-fashioned, viewing media as a "physical act."

"Rupert doesn't use a computer, doesn't get e-mail and can't really ever get a cell phone to work." The internet " not his medium," Wolff said, explaining why Murdoch's forays into digital media, like The Daily and MySpace, have been so unsuccessful.

Catch the one-hour special tonight at 9 P.M on Bloomberg TV.