Even Rush Limbaugh Thinks Fox News Is Too Pro-Christie

Rush Limbaugh took Fox News to task for what he said was its blinkered, "predictable" coverage of the Chris Christie bridge scandal.

The network has drawn attention for the relative lack of air time it's given to the Christie story, but Limbaugh had other issues with the way Fox News was handling it.

"Fox has always been unpredictable, but now they're starting to become [predictable]," he said. He added that it had been easy to predict what the "Republican line" about Christie's Thursday press conference would be: "Man oh man, this guy, greatest leader, greatest potential leader the Republican party has fielded in who knows how many years...he buried the thing!"

Limbaugh wondered aloud how "learned" pundits on Fox News could think Christie had put the bridge scandal behind him.

'I’m reading some of these comments they’re making, and I’m in disbelief!” he said.

(via MoFo Politics; h/t Mediaite)