Rush Limbaugh: New York Has Audited Me 12 Straight Years!

In an interview Wednesday on Fox Business, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh claimed that New York has audited every year of his tax returns since 1997, a key factor in his recent decision to stop doing business in the state.

"[C]all off the audit dogs," Limbaugh pleaded to Gov. David Paterson. Rush explained to Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto, "You know, one thing that hasn't been reported in this -- and I have mentioned it each time I have talked about stopping doing business in New York -- is, I left New York, as a resident, in 1997. I moved down here to Florida. And I have been audited every year. This is going on -- '97 -- this is 12 years that I have been audited, the most recent audits for the last three years. It has been going on since October."

Cavuto could barely believe it, but Limbaugh insisted it's true:

I am in New York working 15 to 20 days a year. And I have to -- as part of this audit, I have to prove where I am every day of the year 14 different ways. [...]

The first audit was for seven years. ... And they -- they claimed I owed them X number of millions.

They even wanted to come, Neil, to both of my residences, New York and Florida, see which one was really more lived-in, which one had all the pictures. I mean, the hassle of these audits has just reached a tipping point.

During a press conference last week, Paterson didn't exactly appear heartbroken that the king of right-wing radio will be departing. Noting Limbaugh's rage at a recent state tax increase on those making over $300K, Paterson said, "If I knew that would be the result, I would've thought about the taxes earlier."

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